quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2012

Callado - The three C sessions

The three C sessions - download album + sleeve + release       Or try this other link
Island - Single + remix - download single Island + remix and other stuff by Coelho Dj
Heaven is a five letter word (single) - download single + video

A desperate attempt to save a rusty soul or how much so far can go a man who's looking for the light? He speech for himself: "I'd like to be strong; I'd like to the light belong, to fight in vain for". Be careful, they're coming...


09/29/2012 - The bright light first. Choosing the songs of pleasure and pain.
10/02/2012 - Guide voice and acoustic guitars. Something warm rising inside.
10/09/2012 - Still recording acoustic guitars. Precious stuff birthing.
10/16/2012 - It doesn't work recording. A step behind... for two steps ahead.
10/21/2012 - Anger is energy, fail is not an option. Don't look behind.
10/23/2012 - Just a little bit more accelerated heart. It never happens just twice.
10/28/2012 - Electric guitars. Muza effects pedals. Nothing will be the same way again.
10/31/2012 - Burning souls at four o'clock a.m. Who can take a ride in a double stereo way?
11/06/2012 - The last vocals. Heart against the wall. Faster and faster to the end.
11/07/2012 - Backing vocals and cover art indeed. Is there something more should they know it?

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